Bible Reading Plan – Week of January 28

In this weeks reading of scripture we will journey with Jesus during His last days as we finish the book of Luke and we will began to witness the launch of the early church as we to read Acts.  We hope you will join us as we read through the Bible.  We are using a reading plan called F260.  You will find below the reading for this week as well as a link to where you can find our more about this plan.  Don’t worry if you did not start on January 1.  Start now! We will never grow in our relationship with Jesus if we are not engage in His word.

F260 Bible Reading Plan Week 5

January 28 – Luke 21

January 29 – Luke 22

January 30 – Luke 23

January 31 – Luke 24

February 1 – Acts 1

Memory Verses – Matthew 5:9-10

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